PBL Teaching Application to the International Student Class

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PBL Teaching Application to the International Student Class

摘要:With the increasing of enrollment scale of international students, their education is becoming an important part of the internationalization of Chinese colleges and universities, focusing on the college international students education is a key subject in our college education at present. These international students are from different countries, their knowledge background is quite different, especially on mathematics and physics. In order to help foreign students adapting to the professional training plan, the Problem Based Learning(PBL) method was adopted by full-English class teaching in Huazhong University of Science and Technology. This paper introduces the exploration of PBL Teaching Method in Circuit Theory Course, including design of teaching scheme, realization process in class and experience summarization, as a conclusion, PBL teaching combines classroom teaching and practice teaching organically, stimulated the students study interest, has received the good teaching effect.


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