Headquarter Services in the Global Integration of Production

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【作者】 Marilyn Ibarra-Caton 


【摘要】This paper examines knowledge management within multinational enterprises by analyzing whether greater interdependence of production between U. S. parent companies and their foreign subsidiaries increases the provision of headquarter (HQ) services from the home country. The findings suggest that U. S. parents provide more assistance to their foreign subsidiaries that are linked in a global value chain than to those that are not involved in production sharing. When analyzing by the type of HQ service provided, the degree of production sharing is positively associated with services such as rights related to industrial processes, research and development, maintenance, and legal services. These types of HQ services may be viewed as complementary to production activities of vertically integrated foreign subsidiaries. Furthermore, the findings suggest there is substantial heterogeneity both across countries and within industries in the types of knowledge flows provided by U. S parents to their subsidiaries. These findings will help BEA assess the quality of reporting of intra-firm trade in services and to understand the effects of production sharing on the U. S. economy.