The Nature and Role of User Beliefs Regarding a Website's Design Quality

作者:Grange, Camille;Barki, Henri 刊名:Journal of Organizational and End User Computing 上传者:余建林


DOI: 10.4018/JOEUC.2020010105 Journal of Organizational and End User Computing Volume 32 • Issue 1 • January-March 2020 This article published as an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License ( which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and production in any medium, provided the author of the original work and original publication source are properly credited. 1 The Nature and Role of User Beliefs Regarding a Website’s Design Quality Camille Grange, HEC Montreal, Montreal, Canada Henri Barki, HEC Montreal, Montreal, Canada ABSTRACT Researchers and practitioners have long been interested in identifying the criteria that users consider important in assessing whether a system is worth using. However, past research in this domain has not taken into account the characteristics of a system’s design and their quality in a systematic and comprehensive manner, which is likely to have limited the development of actionable design guidelines. The article addresses this issue by suggesting a research model that links user beliefs—which have traditionally been used in IT acceptance and success research (i.e., information quality, system quality, usefulness, and ease of use)—to their beliefs regarding the quality of three categories of a system’s design (i.e., visual quality, page layout quality, and navigation quality) and testing it in the context of organizational intranets. The analysis of da