Human fascioliasis and the presence of hybrid/introgressed forms of Fasciola hepatica and Fasciola gigantica in Vietnam

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【作者】 Thanh Hoa Le  Nguyen Van De  Takeshi Agatsuma  Thanh Giang Thi Nguyen  Quoc Doanh Nguyen  Donald P. McManus  David Blair 

【关键词】Fasciola gigantica  Fasciola hepatica  Hybridisation  Internal transcribed spacer region  Introgression  Vietnam 


【摘要】The two species common of liver fluke, <i>Fasciola hepatica</i> and <i>Fasciola gigantica</i>, cause human fascioliasis. Hybrids between these species, and introgressed forms of <i>Fasciola</i>, are known from temperate and subtropical regions of eastern Asia. Here, we report the presence of hybrid and/or introgressed liver flukes in Vietnam where it has recently been recognised that human fascioliasis is an important zoonotic disease. Specimens examined came from domestic stock (cattle and buffalo) at slaughter and also from human patients. DNA sequences were obtained from the nuclear ribosomal second internal transcribed spacer (ITS-2) and from portions of two mitochondrial protein-coding genes. Mitochondrial sequences in every case were similar to those of <i>Fasciola gigantica</i>. Nuclear ITS-2 sequences belonged to one or other of the <i>Fasciola</i> species, or, sequences from both were found in the same individual worm. This study extends the known range of hybrids or introgressed forms of <i>Fasciola</i> into tropical regions of Asia.

【刊名】International Journal for Parasitology