IoT-Based User-Driven Service Modeling Environment for a Smart Space Management System

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【作者】 Hoan-Suk Choi  Woo-Seop Rhee 

【关键词】 Personalization  IOT  Context Information  Service Requirement  Proposed Environment 

【摘要】The existing Internet environment has been extended to the Internet of Things (IoT) as an emerging new paradigm. The IoT connects various physical entities. These entities have communication capability and deploy the observed information to various service areas such as building management; energy-saving systems; surveillance services; and smart homes. These services are designed and developed by professional service providers. Moreover; users' needs have become more complicated and personalized with the spread of user-participation services such as social media and blogging. Therefore; some active users want to create their own services to satisfy their needs; but the existing IoT service-creation environment is difficult for the non-technical user because it requires a programming capability to create a service. To solve this problem; we propose the IoT-based user-driven service modeling environment to provide an easy way to create IoT services. Also; the proposed environment deploys the defined service to another user. Through the personalization and customization of the defined service; the value and dissemination of the service is increased. This environment also provides the ontology-based context-information processing that produces and describes the context information for the IoT-based user-driven service.