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2016正 第 35卷 l0月 第 10期 机 械 科 学 与 技 术 Mechanical Science and Technology for Aerospace Engineering October 20l6 Vo1.35 No.10 DOI:10.13433/j.cnki.1003-8728.2016.1023 LED光源 平均发 光强度检 测 的影响 因素分析 乔卫东,方静 ,刘康 (西安理工大学 机械与精密仪器工程学院,西安 710048) 摘要:以 LED光度光色空间分布综合校准装置中平均发光强度的测量为对象展开研 究。为提 高检 测精度,通过在远/近场条件下测量距离和 LED安装角度偏差对平均发光强度影响的分析,对检测 系统 中距 离、定位 实现装置提 出精度要求。系统 中采用满足精度要求的位移 台实现远/近场距离调 节;以CCD采集LED轮廓图像,使用Hough变换和图像质心结合的方法对 LED的安装进行准确定 位,从而提高LED平均发光强度的测量精度,保证检测系统具有良好的可靠性和准确性。 关键词:发光二极管 ;远/近场 ;测量;定位;CCD 中图分类号 :TB96 文献标识码 :A 文章编号 :1003—8728(2016)10.1613-05 Analysis of Influencing Factors on Gauging Accuracy of Average Luminous Intensity for Light Emitting Diode Light Source Qiao Weidong,Fang Jing,Liu Kang (School of Mechanical and Precision Instrument Engineering,Xi an University of Technology,Xi an 710048,China) Abstract:In this paper,an average luminous intensity of multiple calibration device for luminosity an d light color spatial distribution of t~ght emitting diode(LED)is studied.In order to improve the gauging accuracy,the precision requirement of the distance and fixed position device in the gauging system is proposed through analyzing the effect of average luminous intensity by the measurement distance and the installation angle deviation of LED in the far/ near field.The displacement platform that is able to meet accuracy requirements is used to realize the distance adjustment in far/near field;the profile image of LED is captured with charge—coupled device(CCD),the installation of LED