Squeeze film flow with nonlinear boundary slip

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【作者】 Ping Zhou  Cheng-wei Wu and Guo-jun Ma 

【关键词】boundary slip   nonlinear   squeeze film   fluid flow 


【摘要】A nonlinear boundary slip model consisting of an initial slip length and a critical shear rate was used to study the nonlinear boundary slip of squeeze fluid film confined between two approaching spheres. It is found that the initial slip length controls the slip behavior at small shear rate, but the critical shear rate controls the boundary slip at high shear rate. The boundary slip at the squeeze fluid film of spherical surfaces is a strongly nonlinear function of the radius coordinate. At the center or far from the center of the squeeze film, the slip length equals the initial slip length due to the small shear rate. However, in the high shear rate regime the slip length increases very much. The hydrodynamic force of the spherical squeeze film decreases with increasing the initial slip length and decreasing the critical shear rate. The effect of initial slip length on the hydrodynamic force seems less than that of the critical shear rate. When the critical shear rate is very small the hydrodynamic force increases very slowly with a decrease in minimum film thickness. The theoretical predictions agree well with the experiment measurements.

【刊名】Applied Mathematics and Mechanics