Solving complex high-dimensional problems with the multi-objective neural estimation of distribution algorithm(无全文)

作者:Luis Martí;Jesús García;Antonio Berlanga;José M. Molina López 刊名: 上传者:

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【摘要】The multi-objective optimization neural estimation of distribution algorithm (MONEDA) was devised with the purpose of dealing with the model-building issues of MOEDAs and; therefore address their scalability. In this paper we put forward a comprehensive set of experiments that intends to compare MONEDA with similar approaches when solving complex community accepted MOPs. In particular; we deal with the Walking Fish Group scalable test problem set (WFG). These tests aim to establish the optimizing capacity of MONEDA and the consistency as an optimization method. The fundamental conclusion of these assessment is that we provide strong evidences of the viability of MONEDA for handling hard and complex high-dimensional problems and its superior performance when compared to similar approaches. In spite of the fact that obviously further studies are necessary; these extensive experiments have provided solid ground for the use of MONEDA in more ambitious real-world applications.