Study on electronic differential control of four wheel drive in-wheel motorelectric vehicle

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【作者】 Min DUAN  Ming-jiang SUN  Gang LI  Ji-kai YU  Peng-cheng LIU 

【关键词】Four wheel in-wheel motor electric vehicle  Electronic differential  Drive torque distributor  CarSim 


【摘要】For differential problem of four wheel drive in-wheel motor electric vehicle during steering process, theelectronic differential control has been studied. The electronic differential control strategy was designed, and thedifferential reference kinematic model was established. According to the advantages that the four wheel drivetorque of the four wheel in-wheel motor electric vehicle can be independently control, the four wheel drive torquewas allocatedreasonably through the drive torque distributor, which could achieve the actual wheel speed trackingreference wheel speed. The electronic differential system model of the four wheel in-wheel motor electric vehiclewas established in Matlab/Simulink. The model was verified through the co-simulation of CarSim and Matlab/Simulink. The results showed that the electronic differential control strategy could effectively realize four wheeldifferential during steering process and improve the handling stability of electric vehicle.