Apparatus for detecting and separating foreign bodies from a fiber tuft flow

作者:Leifeld; Ferdinand 刊名: 上传者:冷文修

【摘要】An apparatus for detecting a foreign substance in a fiber tuft stream and for separating the foreign substance therefrom. The apparatus includes a conduit guiding the fiber tuft stream therethrough in a conveying direction; an optical sensor system situated at a first location of the conduit for detecting a foreign substance in flight and for emitting signals representing the foreign substance; a separating device situated at a second location of the conduit downstream of the first location as viewed in the conveying direction; an evaluating device for processing the signals; a control device connected to the optical sensor system, the separating device and the evaluating device for operating the separating device; and an opening device situated in the conduit upstream of the optical sensor system as viewed in the conveying direction for opening the fiber tufts prior to passage thereof past the optical sensor system.