Energy converter having a control circuit

作者:Johan Christiaan Halberstadt 刊名: 上传者:林玉婷

【摘要】The invention relates to an energy converter for supplying electric energy from an energy source to a load. The converter comprises a transformer having a primary side and a secondary side, the secondary side being adapted to be connected to the load. At least a first and a second controllable switch are arranged in series with each other for generating an alternating current in the primary side of the transformer. The energy converter also comprises a control device for generating control signals with which the first and the second switch are opened and closed. The control device comprises a detector for generating a detection signal when the energy converter is operative in a capacitive or near-capacitive mode. To generate the detection signal, the detector detects a voltage jump that occurs at a mode between the first and the second switch when the first or the second switch is closed.