The Forming Method of Cylindrical Parts with Bars

作者:Bai; Xi Ping 刊名:Applied Mechanics and Materials 上传者:吕佳音


The forming method of cylindrical parts with bars Xiping Bai Shandong Transport Vocational College , Shandong Weifang ,China; Keyword: Cylinder, Bar tendons, Upsetting pressure, Bulging Abstract.Through analyzing the forming process of cylindrical parts with bars, put forward conditions of such parts upsetting pressure bulging, How to use a mold to complete the forming of such a complex of bars, and describes the structure of the mold and work processes. By reducing the stamping process, improve productivity and reduce production costs, in the application easy to spread, and achieved good economic benefits. Introduction Cover is part of a product, Shown in Figure . Fig.1. Cover Its material is 08F, and its material thickness is t. mmt 1.5= . Its production is high-volume production quantities. Shape for the part is drawing Cylindrical. Accuracy is IT13. The part can stretch forming, upsetting pressure tube wall to be a middle tendon, to bring greater difficulties to forming. Process Analysis Drawing process The part is drawing but not thinning, the blank is calculated according to the principle of equal area. That Is obtained by ∑= i FD . Calculated, blank diameter is mmD 88.6= . The stretch factor of the part is m. 4570. 6.88 40.5 === D d m . The relative thickness of the rough is 1.68 5.88 1.5 100 ==× D t . Check the information [ ]1 that Table5-5, Coefficient of the material ultimate tensile is[ ]m =0.48~ 0.50. Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols 155-15