Considerations Regarding the Measuring the Performance of a Vehicle during Braking on a Slope Extended

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【作者】 Lucian ?tef?nit? GRIGORE  Dinel POPA  Ticusor CIOBOTARU  Valentin V?NTURIS  Bogdan POPOVICIU 

【关键词】 measurements£»thermocouple sensor£»vehicle speed£»brake temperature£»brake shoe wheel£»reel£»modeling£»experiment 


【摘要】In this paper we present some aspects regarding the measurement of the effects of extended of braking,or the overheating of the braking system of a vehicle driving downhill with continuous or intermittent operation of the braking system.One of the is the extended effects of high temperature of braking brake blocks.To determine their temperature were used thermocouple temperature sensors.To determine temperature friction lining unshielded thermocouple junction was used to reduce the thermal inertia of 1 ÷ 2 [s],thus ensuring the greater accuracy of measurement data.To determine the metal part of the brake shoe to temperature using a thermocouple sensor with metal sheathed.