Universal flashing for roof vent pipes

作者:Hasty; William E. 刊名: 上传者:王心妍

【摘要】An improvement to a universal flashing for roof top and vent pipe geometries characterized by differing pipe diameters and roof slope angles. The present improvement relates to a ring collar assembly which comprises a plurality of stepped sealing portions, each portion adapted to engage a different vent pipe diameter and frangibly be separated from the wall of said body member, wherein for a given pipe diameter a sealing portion further comprises a set of first and second projections disposed generally perpendicular to the flashing body centerline, each extending from a proximate end to a distal end which defines a circular flange surface spaced first and second dimensions about the centerline. The first dimension is less than the second dimension and both first and second dimensions are less than the outer diameter of the given pipe diameter for which sealing engagement is desired, and the projections are of a uniform thickness less than the wall thicknesses of the body member. At least one of said projections is removable from said body member through a frangible wall section defined within the wall of the body member and adjacent to the surface of another projection, whereby modification of the ring collar assembly for successively larger vent pipe diameters is accomplished simply by separating one or more projections at a frangible wall section.