Semidynamic Green Resource Management in Downlink Heterogeneous Networks by Group Sparse Power Control

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【作者】 Pan Cao  Wenjia Liu  John S. Thompson  Chenyang Yang  Eduard A. Jorswieck 

【关键词】FCS Power Model Resource Management Equality BSS 

【摘要】This paper addresses the energy-saving problem for the downlink of heterogeneous networks, which aims at minimizing the total base stations (BSs) power consumption while each user’s rate requirement is supported. The basic idea of this work is to make use of the flexibility and scalability of the system such that more benefits can be gained by efficient resource management. This motivates us to propose a flexible BS power consumption model, which can control system resources, such as antennas, frequency carriers and transmit power allocation in an energy efficient manner rather than the ”on/off” binary sleep mode for BSs. To denote these power-saving modes, we employ the group sparsity of the transmit power vector instead of the {0, 1} variables. Based on this power model, a semi-dynamic green resource management mechanism is proposed, which can jointly solve a series of resource management problems, including BS association, frequency carriers (FCs) assignment, and the transmit power allocation, by group sparse power control based on the large scale fading values. In particular, the successive convex approximation (SCA)-based algorithm is applied to solve a stationary solution to the original nonconvex problem. Simulation results also verify the proposed BS power model and the green resource management mechanism. P. Cao and J. Thompson are with the Institute for Digital Communications (IDCoM), The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH3 9JL, United Kingdom (email: {p.cao, john.thompson} W. Liu and C. Yang are with the School of Electronics and Information Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing 100191, China (email: {liuwenjia, cyyang} E. Jorswieck is with the Chair of Communications Theory, Communications Laboratory, TU Dresden, Dresden 01062, Germany (email: November 20, 2015 DRAFT

【刊名】IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications