Design Method of Beam Forming Using Genetic Algorithm

作者:Gan, Tian; Wang, Ying Min 刊名:Applied Mechanics and Materials 上传者:雷瑞美



Design method of beam forming using Genetic Algorithm Gan Tian 1, Wang Ying-min2 1School of Electronic Engineering, Xian ShiYou University, Xi′an ,China, 710065 2Northwestem Polytechnical University,No.127 Youyixi Road,Xi'an, China, 710072 1 2 Keywords: Genetic algorithm, Side lobe level, Beam forming, Experimental verification Abstract. For the high side-lobe defeats of conventional beam applied to actual sensor array, a new method of beam forming based on genetic algorithm is proposed. The genetic algorithm optimization toolbox will be used to solve the problem of beam forming. The problem of beam forming will be formed into genetic algorithm function expressions which can get the desired array weights. Computer simulation results show that the design of beam meet our requirements. Tank experiment data simulation results fully demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the method. Introduction In view of signal processing, sidelobe level is the important part of beam forming. Low sidelobe can effectively suppress the interference from side-lobe area, and reduce the false alarm probability of target detection. But the conventional beam forming method whose sidelobe is high con not meet our requirements. Because of the influence of the sensors array frame structure, when it is applied to the actual array system, the response amplitude of signals from all directions is not the same size, then beam pattern will change, mainly the sidelob