Sequential Object Monitors

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【标题】Sequential Object Monitors

【作者】 Denis Caromel  Luis Mateu  éric Tanter 

【关键词】Concurrency Monitor Scheduler SOM Chord 

【摘要】Programming with Java monitors is recognized to be difficult; and potentially inefficient due to many useless context switches induced by the notifyAll primitive. This paper presents SOM; Sequential Object Monitors; as an alternative to programming with Java monitors. Reifying monitor method calls as requests; and providing full access to the pending request queue; gives rise to fully sequential monitors: the SOM programmer gets away from any code interleaving. Moreover; useless context switches are avoided. Finally; from a software engineering point of view; SOM promotes separation of concerns; by untangling the synchronization concern from the application logic. This paper illustrates SOM expressiveness with several classical concurrency problems; and high-level abstractions like guards and chords. Benchmarks of the implementation confirm the expected efficiency.