作者:吴富梅;杨元喜;田育民 刊名:测绘科学技术学报 上传者:曹新华



 文章编号 : 167326338 (2008) 030206203 GPS/DR组合导航自适应 Kalman滤波算法 吴富梅1, 2 , 杨元喜2 , 田育民2 (1. 信息工程大学 测绘学院 ,河南 郑州  450052; 2. 西安测绘研究所 ,陕西 西安  710054) 摘要 :针对 GPS/DR组合导航 Kalman滤波的异常扰动影响问题 ,引入了自适应滤波算法。给出了由预测残差确定自适应因子的过程。利用实测数据进行验证 ,结果表明无论是单因子自适应滤波还是多因子自适应滤波都能够很好地控制状态异常对滤波估值的影响 ,滤波精度均优于标准 Kalman滤波导航解 ;而且因为多因子自适应滤波避免损失可靠的状态参数信息 ,较单因子自适应滤波 ,精度又有明显提高。关  键  词 : GPS/DR组合导航 ;单因子自适应滤波 ;多因子自适应滤波 ; Kalman滤波中图分类号 : P228   文献标识码 :A Adaptive Filtering Algorithm in GPS/DR Integrated Navigation WU Fu2mei 1, 2 , YANG Yuan2xi 2 , TIAN Yu2min2(1. Institute of Surveying and M apping, Inform ation Engineering University, Zhengzhou 450052, China; 2. X i’an Research Institute of Surveying and M apping, X i’an 710054, China) Abstract:An adaptive Kalman filtering is applied in GPS/DR integrated navigation to control the influences of outlying movement disturbances. In this paper, the multi adaptive factors of the predicted stateswere given by the predicted residuals. By real data processing, itwas shown that both the adaptive factor and the multi adaptive factors could resist the influence of the state disturbances, and the precision of the navigation is higher than that of the standard Kalman filtering. And the multi adaptive factors improved the precision greatly compared with the adaptive factor be2cause they avoided loosing the efficiency of the reliable state parameters. Key words: GPS/DR integrated navigation; adaptive factor filtering;multi adaptive factors filtering; Kalman filtering   航位推算 DR (Dead2Rec