Material advancing means for a grinder-mixer

作者:Kline; Charles M. 刊名: 上传者:陈光周

【摘要】Mixing apparatus having a frame on which a vertical mixing tank is mounted. A hammermill, carried on the frame, receives and chops different types of feed material. A transfer conveyor receives the resulting product and transports it to the mixing tank. Additives or other feed materials may be transferred to the tank via a secondary conveyor. A mixing assembly within the tank circulates material deposited therein to produce a well mixed homogeneous mass. The mixing assembly includes upper and lower material advancing portions, the lower of which comprises a conical shaped core member converging upwardly. Unique flighting is wound around this core member to elevate crop material to the upper material advancing portion. The width of the flighting increases as it advances upwardly to enhance the effectiveness of the mixing assembly. The pitch of the flighting may also be increased as it advances upwardly.