Model Versions and Fast Algorithms for Network Epidemiology

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【作者】 Petter Holme 

【摘要】Network epidemiology has become a core framework for investigating the role of human contact patterns in the spreadingof infectious diseases.In network epidemiology,one represents the contact structure as a network of nodes(individuals)connected bylinks(sometimes as a temporal network where the links are not continuously active)and the disease as a compartmental model(whereindividuals are assigned states with respect to the disease and follow certain transition rules between the states).In this paper,we discussfast algorithms for such simulations and also compare two commonly used versions,one where there is a constant recovery rate(the numberof individuals that stop being infectious per time is proportional to the number of such people);the other where the duration of the diseaseis constant.The results show that,for most practical purposes,these versions are qualitatively the same.