Fatal intoxication with labetalol (Trandate®)

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【作者】 Stanislas Grassin Delyle  Charlotte Duverneuil-Mayer  Emuri Abe  Bertille Mathieu  Geoffroy Lorin De La Gr  maison  Philippe Charlier  Jean Claude Alvarez 

【关键词】Labetalol  Beta-blocker  Fatal intoxication 


【摘要】The dead body of a 44-year-old woman, previously known for depression and alcoholism, has been discovered at her place of residence by her husband. A forensic autopsy has been carried out. The results indicated unspecific histological lesions (alveolar oedema, liver steatosis and interstitial nephritis) but did not reveal any apparent cause of death. Several boxes of medicines have been found near the body, justifying a toxicological analysis. This has been performed on peripheral blood and urine samples using liquid chromatography with diode array and mass spectrometric detections, in conjunction with gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry. Ethanol has been found (1.24 g/L in blood, 2.63 g/L in urine and 1.33 g/kg in gastric content), as well as therapeutic concentrations of meprobamate (14.1 mg/L) and low concentrations of nordazepam (0.12 mg/L) in blood. On the other hand, particularly high levels of labetalol, a widely used β-blocker, have been found both in blood (1.7 mg/L) and urine (20.2 mg/L), which led us to measure labetalol levels in available viscera samples (liver, heart, kidney, and lung) and gastric content. Measured concentrations were 14.2 μg/g, 7.8 μg/g, 5.4 μg/g, 5.2 μg/g and 31.1 μg/g, respectively. We describe here the first report of a fatal intoxication attributed to labetalol that is linked to its acute toxicity, with tissue distribution of this β-blocker.

【刊名】Forensic Science International