A novel order reduction method for nonlinear dynamical system under external periodic excitations

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【摘要】The concept of approximate inertial manifold (AIM) is extended to develop a kind of nonlinear order reduction technique for non-autonomous nonlinear systems in second-order form in this paper.Using the modal transformation,a large nonlinear dynamical system is split into a 'master' subsystem,a 'slave' subsystem,and a 'negligible' subsystem.Accordingly,a novel order reduction method (Method I) is developed to construct a low order subsystem by neglecting the 'negligible' subsystem and slaving the 'slave' subsystem into the 'master' subsystem using the extended AIM.As a comparison,Method II accounting for the effects of both 'slave' subsystem and the 'negligible' subsystem is also applied to obtain the reduced order subsystem.Then,a typical 5-degree-of-freedom nonlinear dynamical system is given to compare the accuracy and efficiency of the traditional Galerkin truncation (ignoring the contributions of the slave and negligible subsystems),Method I and Method II.It is shown that Method I gives a considerable increase in accuracy for little computational cost in comparison with the standard Galerkin method,and produces almost the same accuracy as Method II.Finally,a 3-degree-of-freedom nonlinear dynamical system is analyzed by using the analytic method for showing predominance and convenience of Method I to obtain the analytically reduced order system.

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