Generalized Gerstewitz's Functions and Vector Variational Principle for-Efficient Solutions in the Sense of Németh

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【作者】 Jing Hui QIU 


【摘要】In this paper, we first generalize Gerstewitz's functions from a single positive vector to a subset of the positive cone. Then, we establish a partial order principle, which is indeed a variant of the pre-order principle [Qiu, J. H.: A pre-order principle and set-valued Ekeland variational principle.J. Math. Anal. Appl., 419, 904–937(2014)]. By using the generalized Gerstewitz's functions and the partial order principle, we obtain a vector EVP for-efficient solutions in the sense of N′emeth, which essentially improves the earlier results by completely removing a usual assumption for boundedness of the objective function. From this, we also deduce several special vector EVPs, which improve and generalize the related known results.

【刊名】Acta Mathematica Sinica