Phase control method and apparatus for synchronizing dual link transmission signals

作者:Ono; Takeshi 刊名: 上传者:刘吉峰

【摘要】A phase control apparatus which enables efficient execution of phase adjustment operations for two transmission signals so that a non-interruptive switchover function will work effectively. The proposed apparatus performs phase control to eliminate a phase difference between two reception signals which originate from a single source, but have been carried over two separate transmission lines. A delay memory unit, placed on each transmission line, delays each reception signal in accordance with a given delay time parameter. A comparison range setting unit defines a time range for phase comparison. Within the defined time range, a phase comparator compares the phases of two reception signals delayed by the delay memory units. If the phase comparison has resulted in an out-of-phase condition, a phase controller repetitively varies the delay time parameter being set in one of the delay memory units until an in-phase condition is reached.