Generation of T-cell lines to autologous acute myeloid leukemia cells by competitive limiting dilution culture of acute myeloid leukemia mononuclear cells

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【作者】 Rui-Kun Zhong  Thomas A. Lane  Edward D. Ball 

【关键词】Glycosylation  Biotechnology  Validation  Quality control  Pharmaceutical analysis 


【摘要】In order to set up a batch-to-batch-consistency analytical scheme for <i>N</i>-glycosylation analysis, several sample preparation steps including enzyme digestions and fluorophore labelling and two HPLC-methods were established. The whole method scheme was standardized, evaluated and validated according to the requirements on analytical testing in early clinical drug development by usage of a recombinant produced reference glycoprotein (RGP). The standardization of the methods was performed by clearly defined standard operation procedures. During evaluation of the methods, the major interest was in the loss determination of oligosaccharides within the analytical scheme. Validation of the methods was performed with respect to specificity, linearity, repeatability, LOD and LOQ. Due to the fact that reference <i>N</i>-glycan standards were not available, a statistical approach was chosen to derive accuracy from the linearity data. After finishing the validation procedure, defined limits for method variability could be calculated and differences observed in consistency analysis could be separated into significant and incidental ones.

【刊名】Experimental Hematology