Evidence Based Information Prescription (IPs) in Developing Countries

作者:Vahideh Zarea Gavgani 刊名: 上传者:张文雯

【摘要】Information Prescription (IPs) is provision of specific evidence based health information to a specific individual/patient to help him/her understand; manage and control the ill health. Most of the time it is defined as prescription of right information to right person at right time (Kemper-Mettler; 2002a). Maybe this definition is the simplest way for describing a powerful complex process. To borderline the right person at right time and offer the right information at right time in practice is really huge work. Information prescription pledge active participation of patient in healthcare process. It promises that information intervention may boost the healthcare outcomes; reduce the medical errors and undertake the patients’ right. But we need to clearly illustrate it in our practice. How information therapy and information prescription can boost health care; what is the differences between patient education and information prescription? How a piece of evidence based information can be given to a patient who should make decision about her\his health in an emergency condition? Is it really possible in practice? The philosophy of Ix and prescription of information to patient is perfect. It brings patient in the field and gives a colorful sense to patient centered healthcare. What is significant in this process is that every environment has its own norms; condition; beliefs; communication style and language; social and cultural features that influence in practicing Information therapy (Ix). IIt is essential to put information therapy into practice to find out an applicable model for a specific environment. Through this pilot model; appropriate protocols and guidelines can be developed to reach the best practice. Fulfillment of IPs relies on; at least; three components i.e. Information Technology (IT); Patients Preference and Physicians Interest. IT manifestations like Internet; social networking tools; mobile phone/computer facilities are widely available for patients and physicians equally; in developed countries. In such IT based environment patients are either seeking health information or have access to the net to communicate with their physicians; receive IPs; search for health information and share their story and information with their networks. In consequence; Information Prescriptions is now part of healthcare system of developed counties like US and UK.