Axial piston machine with RMP-dependent pressure acting against the cylinder drum

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【作者】 Kunze  Thomas 

【摘要】The invention relates to an axial piston machine (1) comprising a housing (50), a drive shaft (3) mounted in a rotational manner in the housing (50) around a drive shaft axis (12), a cylinder drum (2) which is connected to the drive shaft (3) in a non-rotational manner and in which are embodied cylinders (4) for receiving axially movable pistons (6), and a control plate (26) with control openings (24, 25) designed to cyclically connect the cylinders (5) with a high-pressure and a low-pressure line. The invention provides for a pressing device with at least one centrifugal body (30a-30f), which is impinged upon by a centrifugal force (F.sub.F) that increases with the number of rotations per minute (n) of the cylinder drum (2). The invention also provides for a force deflection unit (36-39; 40a-40f, 41a-41f) designed to transform the centrifugal force (F.sub.F) acting on the centrifugal body (30a-30f) into a force acting against the cylinder drum (2), whereby said force has a component (F.sub.A) which is aligned towards the control plate (26) and in an axial position in relation to the drive shaft axis (12).