Model reduction using the genetic algorithm and routh approximations

作者:Li;Hongxing;Lu;Jinshi;Yan;Hongshu 刊名:系统工程与电子技术(英文版) 上传者:余烁

【摘要】A new method of model reduction combining the genetic algorithm(GA) with the Routh approximation method is presented. It is suggested that a high-order system can be approximated by a low-order model with a time delay. The denominator parameters of the reduced-order model are determined by the Routh approximation method, then the numerator parameters and time delay are identified by the GA. The reduced-order models obtained by the proposed method will always be stable if the original system is stable and produce a good approximation to the original system in both the frequency domain and time domain. Two numerical examples show that the method is computationally simple and efficient.