Hermetic glass-to-metal seal assembly and method of manufacturing it

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PATENTS not covered in any detail. This would presum-ably limit the temperature range of this device. The effect that temperature variations have on the pressure in the hydraulic circuit – when the pressure is locked in – is also not covered. This latter factor could cause very significant pressure variations. Valve stem seal Applicant: Aktiebolaget SKF, Sweden This invention relates to a valve stem seal for an internal combustion engine. The seal has a garter spring-loaded oil seal lip and two gas seal lips. A specific feature of this design is the space between the pair of gas-side seal lips. Patent number: WO/2010/118834 Inventor: J. Netzer Publication date: 21 October 2010 Hermetic glass-to-metal seal assembly and method of manufacturing it Applicant: Emerson Electric Co, USA This patent describes a hermetic glass-to-metal seal assembly which has a structure that enables a wide selection of materials to be used, reducing manufacturing costs. The seal is suitable for use in hermetically-sealed sight-glass devices and hermetic terminal assemblies. The glass part is fused to an inter-mediate component. The outer ring, which has a coefficient of thermal expansion that is greater than the coefficient of thermal expan-sion of the glass, compresses the intermediate component against the glass to create a her-metic compression seal. Patent number: WO/2010/121124 Inventors: F.D. Paterek and A.J.H. Kolkman Publication date: 21 October 2010 Break-off seal for plugging a flexible hos