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国际肿瘤学杂志2015年 2月第42卷第2期 J Int Oncol,February 2015,V01.42,No.2 NLRC5在弥漫性大 B细胞淋巴瘤中的作用机制 全彦龙 周英琼 【摘要】 弥漫性大B细胞淋巴瘤(DLBCL)是我国最常见的恶性淋巴瘤,大多首发 自淋巴结。研究 发现,核苷酸结合寡聚化结构域样受体(NLR)家族成员NLRC5在淋巴系细胞中表达明显,其可能是淋 巴细胞肿瘤 发生 的重 要基础。并且 NLRC5能阻断信 号传导 途径 中的核 心组分 核转录 因子一KB (NF.KB),影响肿瘤发生发展。同时 NF.KB的持续活化是 DLBCL细胞生存的必要条件。因此,NLRC5 很可能具有抑制过度炎症反应,进而抑制 DLBCL的功能,其有望成为 DLBCL免疫疗法的新靶点。 【关键词】 淋巴瘤,大B细胞,弥漫性;NF—KB;基因,MHC I类;NLRC5 Mechanism of NLRC5 in difuse large B-cel lymphoma Quan Yanlong,Zhou Yingqiong.Clinical Medi— cine Colege,Guilin Medical Unwe~ity,Guilin 541001,China Corresponding author:Zhou Yingqiong,Email:zhouyq61 7@aliyun.con 【Abstract】 Diffuse large B—cel lymphoma(DLBCL)is the most common malignant lymphoma in China,which mostly starting from the lymph nodes.The studies find that the expression of NLRC5,member of nucleotide—binding oligomerization domain—like receptor(NLR)family,is evident in the lymphoid cels,which is likely to be an important basis for lymphocyte tumorigenesis. NLRC5 can block the nuclear factor—KB (NF—KB),a core component of signal transduction pathway,and afect the development of tumor.While con— tinuing activation of NF.KB is a necessary condition for DLBCL cel surviva1.Therefore.NLRC5 iS likely to inhibit excessive inflammation,thereby inhibiting the function of DLBCL,which promises to be a new target for immunotherapy treatment of DLBCL. 【Key words】 Lymphoma,large B—cell,difuse;NF—kappaB;Genes,MHC class I;NLRC5 弥漫性大 B细胞淋巴瘤(difuse large B-cel lym- phoma,DLBCL)是