Apparatus for securing laces on footwear

作者:Rivas; Juan 刊名: 上传者:陶存璋

【摘要】An expandable, self-fastening strap includes a pair of fastening ends separated by a band, at least a portion of which is expandable. Located on one of the fastening ends is an eyelet. At least a portion of the laces of a boot may be forwarded through the eyelet. The strap and lace combination is wrapped around the boots, with the strap covering the laces, until the fastening ends of the strap meet. The fastening ends are then fastened together. Because at least a portion of the band is expandable, when the band is wrapped around the boot pressure is placed upon the laces, thereby precluding them from slipping under the strap. The strap thus secures the laces without undesirably constricting circulation of the wearer. As a result, wearer fatigue and discomfort is reduced. In addition, because the strap is tightly affixed to the boot, the device presents no extraneous protrusions that may become entangled in machinery or the like.