Reflective ghost imaging with classical Gaussian-state light

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【作者】 段德洋  夏云杰 

【关键词】鬼影 高斯 光反射 空间分辨率 反光 状态 敏感 相位 

【摘要】In this letter,we use quantum description and the Gaussian state to study reflective ghost imaging with two classical sources,and to provide their expressions.We find that the reflective ghost imaging of a roughsurfaced object,using Gaussian-state phase-insensitive or classically correlated phase-sensitive light,can be expressed in terms of the phase-insensitive or phase-sensitive cross-correlations between the two detected fields,including a background term.Moreover,reflective ghost imaging with two classical Gaussian-state lights is shown to have similar features as spatial resolution and field of view.