Gas-liquid separator having a curved collision surface opposed to a gas inlet port



What is claimed is: 1. A gas-liquid separator comprising a gas inlet port provided in the side surface of a cylindrical container having a hollow chamber formed therein, a discharging port for discharging gas after gas-liquid separation provided at the top of the cylindrical container, a collision surface with which gas supplied from the gas inlet port collides and a guide part for changing a flow direction of the gas after collision so as to flow along an inner wall surface of the cylindrical container in a circumferential direction provided in the cylindrical container at a position to face the gas inlet port, a receiving plate having a substantially conical shape with an opening formed at a center thereof provided in an upper portion of the hollow chamber with a projecting central portion facing downwardly to divide the hollow chamber into upper and lower hollow chambers, the upper hollow chamber being partitioned by the receiving plate and communicating with the discharging port, a partition having at least one venthole and dividing the upper hollow chamber disposed above the receiving plate in opposed relation, said collision surface being curved to follow an inner wall surface of the cylindrical container or inclined so as to widen a flow passage toward the downstream side, a curved member having at least one venthole disposed at a position between said receiving plate and said partition and disposed over the opening of said receiving plate, and a small chamber formed