作者:荆红莉;蒋晓雁;赵鹏 刊名:《国外电子测量技术》 上传者:安春燕



应 用 天 地 己口l 6年己月 第]5卷 第己期 3 kW 家用单相光伏并网逆变系统设计* 荆红莉 蒋晓雁 赵 鹏 (榆林学院 榆林 719000) 摘 要:为了有效利用太阳能,缓解供电压力 ,本文提出了适用于家用的 3 kw 小功率单相光伏并网发电系统的设计方 案;介绍了光伏并网逆变系统的组成 ;通过理论分析、计算确定了各部分电路主要元器件的参数 ;采用电流跟踪的控制 策略设计 了 PI控制的电压、电流双闭环控制系统;利用 MATLAB仿真软件对系统进行 了建模 、仿真。通过仿真实验 , 验证了该 系统能在光照扰动的情况下迅速的跟踪最大功率点 ,系统并网电流能与电网电压保持同频同相 ,实现高功率 因素的并 网要求。 关键词:并网逆变;LC滤波器;双闭环控制;仿真 中图分类号:TN710 文献标识码:A 国家标准学科分类代码:470.4034 Design of 3 kW single。phase grid-。connect photovoltaic inverter system for household Jing Hongli Jiang Xiaoyan Zhao Peng (Yulin University,Yulin 719000,China) A~tract:In order to efectively utilize solar energy and aleviate the pressure of the power supply,this paper put forward a scheme which suitable for household 3 kW single—phase grid—connected photovoltaic inverter system.The main compo— nents parameters of each part of circuits were determined by theory analysis and calculation.And double closed loop con— trol system was designed using the current tracking contro1 strategy.The mode1 of whole system is presented by MAT— LAB.Simulation experiments proved that this system could rapidly track the maximum power point in the case of light disturbance and the output current of this system could change to"follow with power grid voltage.:Two parameters keep the same frequency and same the phase.The whole system achieved high power factor tO the grid. Keywords:grid—connected inverter;LC filter;double—loop controller;simulate 1 引 言 太阳能发电作为一种全新的电能生产方式,具有清洁 环保 、资源永不衰竭且维护简单等特点,因而越来越受到