Magazine for a staple tacker

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【作者】 Chuang  Hung-Ming 

【摘要】A magazine for a staple tacker includes a base portion having a cover slidably disposed thereto, the base portion having a recessed area defined in a bottom thereof and six notches being defined each of the first end wall and second end wall thereof. At least two resilient elements disposed on the recessed area and each of which has a plurality of flexible ribs extending laterally from two opposite sides thereof such that six positioning plates are mounted across between the notches between the first end wall and the second end wall to depress the flexible ribs with a pin movably extending through a slot defined in each of the positioning plates. A control member having a receiving section and a pressing section extends from the second end wall and is pushed by an end cap of the cover when the cover is slidably mounted to the base portion such that the pressing section pressing the pin is moved away from the pin to allow the pin to be raised toward the cover within the receiving section by the flexible ribs. Staples are positioned between the bottom and the positioning plates and the staples has one end thereof contacting against an adjacent positioning plate which is raised toward the cover by the flexible ribs.