Fish catching device

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【作者】 Gray  Norman L. 

【摘要】An automatic fish catching device includes a support structure, a pole holding mechanism mounted near the top of the support structure and biased to place the pole in a generally vertical position, a triggering device which maintains the pole in a generally horizontal position and allows a fish to trigger the pole, an adjustment mechanism which allows the triggering device to be adjusted for the particular type of pole being used and for the type of fish to be caught and further allows adjustment of the tension necessary to overcome the triggering device, and an alarm mechanism which signals a fisherman that a fish has been caught. The pole is held down by the triggering mechanism until a fish pulls sufficiently on the triggering mechanism to release same at which time the pole is biased into a generally vertical position with a quick snap thereby pulling sharply the line associated wtih the pole and setting the hook on the line in the fish. An automatic positioning mechanism is provided to allow the fisherman to set the trigger mechanism using only a single hand. The device folds into a compact structure without disassembly for storage and travel.