A Simulator Module for Advanced Equation Assembling

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【标题】A Simulator Module for Advanced Equation Assembling

【作者】 Stephan Wagner  Tibor Grasser  Claus Fischer  Siegfried Selberherr 

【摘要】We present a generally applicable simulator module which provides an advanced equation assembly system. The module has been originally developed for the simulation of semiconductor devices based on the Finite Boxes discretization scheme and is currently used in the general purpose device and circuit simulator MINIMOS-NT. In general; such simulations require the solution of a specific set of nonlinear partial differential equations which are discretized on a grid. Since the resulting nonlinear problem is solved by a damped Newton algorithm the solution of a linear equation system has to be obtained at each step. The presented module is responsible for assembling these systems and takes several requirements of the simulation process; namely the representation of boundary conditions; physically motivated variable transformation; preelimination and numerical conditioning; into account.