Design and rendering of the 3D Lotus Pool by Moonlight

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【标题】Design and rendering of the 3D Lotus Pool by Moonlight

【作者】 Yu-Xian Hui  Wei-Guang Liu 


【摘要】The Lotus Pool by Moonlight plays an important role in common natural beautiful scenery.In order to simulate this natural scene fast and realistically,new model and method are presented by this paper.First of all,the efficiency and vividness of rendering virtual scene can be improved by accelerating the optimization technology;then the lotus flowers and fish model can be reconstructed by reading the 3DS model of 3DSMAX,shinning stars can be rendered by using particle algorithm,and the sound of insect and cicadas are added to the virtual scene;finally,the interactive roaming can be realized by capturing the information of keyboard and mouse.Water spray splatters can be simulated when a collision occurs between fish and pond.The experiment shows that the roaming system given in this paper has the characteristic of timeliness and vividness.