Container for treating animals

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【作者】 McLaughlin  Brian D. 

【摘要】The invention comprises a tank-like container with an upwardly inclined headrest for the animal, a ratcheted top rail containment arrangement, and a cord lock restraint system for securing the animal's head and body in a proper position. The container is wider at the bottom to provide greater stability and incorporates a bulbous protrusion at the base along the front to provide additional space for the legs of larger animals. The top of the container, which slides onto the ratcheted rail and can be released by pressing tabs thereon, is configured to allow manual access to the animal through the top. There is a rinsing port near the top in the front of the container and a drain port near the bottom in the back of the container. The container includes a horizontal rib running circumferentially around the container to provide structural strength and additional wall support for the unit.