Integrated software framework for processing of geophysical data

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【作者】 Glenn Chubak  Igor Morozov 

【关键词】SIA Seismic Geophysical Data Handling Inversion 

【摘要】—We present an integrated software framework for geophysical data processing, based on an updated seismic data processing program package originally developed at the Program for Crustal Studies at the University of Wyoming. Unlike other systems, this processing monitor supports structured multicomponent seismic data streams, multidimensional data traces, and employs a unique backpropagation execution logic. This results in an unusual flexibility of processing, allowing the system to handle nearly any geophysical data. A modern and feature-rich Graphical User Interface (GUI) was developed for the system, allowing editing and submission of processing flows and interaction with running jobs. Multiple jobs can be executed in a distributed multi-processor networks and controlled from the same GUI. Jobs, in their turn, can also be parallelized to take advantage of parallel processing environments such as local area networks and Beowulf clusters.

【刊名】Computers & Geosciences