Stabilization of residual soil with rice husk ash and cement

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【作者】 E. A. Basha 

【摘要】Stabilized soil is; in general; a composite material that results from combination and optimization of properties in individual constituent materials. Well-established techniques of soil stabilization are often used to obtain geotechnical materials improved through the addition into soil of such cementing agents as Portland cement; lime; asphalt; etc. Replacement of natural soils; aggregates; and cement with solid industrial by-product is highly desirable. In some cases; a by-product is inferior to traditional earthen materials. Due to its lower cost; however; it makes an attractive alternative if adequate performance can be obtained. In other cases; a by-product may have attributes superior to those of traditional earthen materials. Often selected materials are added to industrial by-products to generate a material with well-controlled and superior properties.