Case-Based Reasoning Systems in the Health Sciences: A Survey of Recent Trends and Developments

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【作者】 Shahina Begum  Mobyen Uddin Ahmed  Peter Funk  Ning Xiong  Mia Folke 

【摘要】The health sciences are, nowadays, one of the major application areas for case-based reasoning (CBR). The paper presents a survey of recent medical CBR systems based on a literature review and an e-mail questionnaire sent to the corresponding authors of the papers where these systems are presented. Some clear trends have been identified, such as multipurpose systems: more than half of the current medical CBR systems address more than one task. Research on CBR in the area is growing, but most of the systems are still prototypes and not available in the market as commercial products. However, many of the projects/systems are intended to be commercialized.

【刊名】IEEE Trans. Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part C