Preparation and Characterization of High Content Graphene Nanoplatelet-Polyetherimide Paper

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【作者】 Xiaobing Li,Alharith Manasrah,Ahmed Al-Ostaz,Hunain Alkhateb,Dalton Lincoln,Grace Rushing,Alexander H. D. Cheng 

【摘要】Polyetherimide (PEI)-graphene nanoplatelet (GNP) (PEIGNP) papers; with extremely high GNP loadings (up to nearly 100 wt%); were produced by filtration and hot-press. The impact of the GNP content on the impedance and mechanical properties; such as damping behavior; was investigated. Although the PEIGNP papers showed some decreases in tensile strength and strain at break; dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) has shown that; compared with either the pristine GNP paper or the neat PEI film; the storage modulus of the PEIGNP papers increased 700% to 2;000% and the capacity to dissipate damping energy in terms of loss modulus was substantially improved by up to 3;000%. The tan δ value gained more than 500%; indicating that a higher fraction of applied energy was converted to heat. In addition; the PEI with relatively smaller molecular weight and the larger GNPs exhibited better damping effects. The results suggest that GNP-reinforced polymer-based nanocomposites could be used in applications that require energy-absorption upon dynamic loading. In addition; all PEIGNP papers in this study exhibited substantially low impedance because of high GNP loadings.