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【摘要】研究了非组合观测值长距离RTK 定位,将对流层延迟和电离层延迟参数化,并附加合理的动力学方程约束,将解算模型统一到卡尔曼滤波中.介绍了RTK 定位中的若干问题的处理方法,对BDS,GPS,BDS + GPS 的长距离RTK 定位性能进行了初步评估,验证了RTK 的收敛时间受到可视卫星数和卫星几何构形的影响,长基线情况下单系统RTK 模糊度初始化时间不少于5min,双系统模糊度初始化时间约为2min.BDS,GPS 单系统RTK 平面定位精度均在3cm 以内,而BDS + GPS 双系统RTK 平面定位结果在2cm 以内,且双系统高程方向定位精度略优于单系统.


64 工程勘察Geotechnical Investigation&Surveying 2018年第5期 BDS/GPS非组合动态定位性能分析 旦 石 天 稀 (同济大学测绘与地理信息学院,上海200092) 摘要:研究了非组合观测值长距离RTK定位,将对流层延迟和电离层延迟参数化,并附加合理的 动力学方程约束,将解算模型统一到卡尔曼滤波中。介绍了RTK定位中的若干问题的处理方法, 对BDS,GPS,BDS+GPS的长距离RTK定位性能进行了初步评估,验证了RTK的收敛时间受到 可视卫星数和卫星几何构形的影响,长基线情况下单系统RTK模糊度初始化时间不少于5min,双 系统模糊度初始化时间约为2min。BDS,GPS单系统RTK平面定位精度均在3cm以内,而BDS+ GPS双系统RTK平面定位结果在2cm以内,且双系统高程方向定位精度略优于单系统。 关键词:卡尔曼滤波;动力学模型;非组合RTK;BDS/GPS 中图分类号:P228 文献标识码:A Performance analysis of uncombined dynamic positioning based on BDS/GPS WU Lei (College of Surveying and Geo·information,Tongji University,Shanghai 200092,China) Abstract:The long distance RTK loealization of non.combined observations is studied.the tropospheric delay and ionospheric delay are parameterized,and a reasonable constraint of the dynamic equations is added to unify the solution model into Kalman filter.This paper introduces some methods to deal with problems in RTK positioning,evaluates the long—range RTK positioning performance of BDS,GPS and BDS+GPS.and verifies that the RTK convergence time iS affected by the number of visible satellites and the satellite geometry.Under the condition of long baseline,the initialization time of single-system RTK ambiguity is not less than 5 min and the initial fixing ambiguity of dual system is about 2min.BDS,GPS single system RTK horizontal positioning accuracy are within 3cm,and BDS+GPS dual system RTK horizontal positioning accuracy within 2cm,and the dual system vertical positioning accuracy slightly be