Combating drug-resistant bacteria: small molecule mimics of plasmid incompatibility as antiplasmid compounds.

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【作者】 Johna C B Denap  Jason Ray Thomas  Dinty J Musk  Paul J Hergenrother 

【关键词】Small Molecule SLI Apramycin Incompatibility Plasmid 

【摘要】A major mechanism for bacterial resistance to antibiotics is through the acquisition of a plasmid coding for resistance-mediating proteins. Described herein is a strategy to eliminate these plasmids from bacteria, thus resensitizing the bacteria to antibiotics. This approach involves mimicking a natural mechanism for plasmid elimination, known as plasmid incompatibility. The compound apramycin was identified as a tight binder to SLI RNA (Kd = 93 nM), the in vivo target of the plasmid incompatibility determinate RNA I, and footprinting/mutagenesis studies indicate apramycin binds SLI in the important regulatory region that dictates plasmid replication control and incompatibility. In vivo studies demonstrate that this compound causes significant plasmid loss and resensitizes bacteria to conventional antibiotics. The demonstration that a small molecule can mimic incompatibility, cause plasmid elimination, and resensitize bacteria to antibiotics opens up new targets for antibacterial research.

【刊名】Journal of the American Chemical Society