Open source model for generating RR intervals in atrial fibrillation and beyond

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【作者】 Jie Lian  Gari D. Clifford  Dirk Müssig  Volker Lang 

【关键词】Cardiac Electrophysiology RR Interval Computer Model Flowchart Atrial Fibrillation Source Model AVJ 

【摘要】BACKGROUND Realistic modeling of cardiac inter-beat (RR) intervals is highly desirable for basic research in cardiac electrophysiology, clinical management of heart diseases, and developing signal processing tools for ECG analysis. METHODS We present an open source computer model that is capable to generate realistic time series of RR intervals in both physiologic and pathologic conditions. Detailed model structure and the software implementation are described. RESULTS Examples are provided on how to use this model to generate RR intervals in atrial fibrillation with ventricular pacing, normal sinus rhythm with heart rate variability, and typical atrial flutter with atrioventricular block. The extensibility of the model is also discussed. CONCLUSION The present computer model provides a unified platform wherein various types of ventricular rhythm can be simulated. The availability of this open source model promises to support and stimulate future studies.

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