Insecticidal activity of crude seed extracts ofAnnona spp.,Lansium domesticum andSandoricum koetjape against lepidopteran larvae

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【作者】 J. Audrey Leatemia  Murray B. Isman 

【摘要】Crude ethanolic seed extracts ofAnnona muricata, A. squamosa (Annonaceae),Lansium domesticum andSandoricum koetjape (Meliaceae) collected from different locations and years in Maluku, Indonesia, were screened for inhibition of larval growth against the polyphagous lepidopteranSpodoptera litura (Noctuidae). Extracts ofA. squamosa were significantly more active (20-fold) than those ofA. muricata. A. squamosa collected from Namlea yielded the extracts with the greatest inhibitory activity. There were significant differences among locations for bothA. squamosa andA. muricata but not forL. domesticum andS. koetjape. Extracts ofA. squamosa, collected from Namlea, inhibited larval growth in a dose-dependent manner, with a dietary EC50 (effective concentration to inhibit growth by 50% relative to controls) of 191.7 ppm fresh weight. Extracts ofA. squamosa collected from individual trees in Namlea also varied in growth inhibitory effect againstS. litura andTrichoplusia ni larvae. This species is a candidate for development of a botanical insecticide for local use in Indonesia.