A Simulation System for Computational Cell Models Based on Object-Oriented Design Patterns

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【作者】 Kuanquan Wang  Yongfeng Yuan  Jie Li 

【关键词】Developed Cell Model Experimental Genesis Electrical Activity 

【摘要】Reconstruction of biophysically detailed computer models for simulating electrical activities of heart cells provides a powerful tool to systematically investigate the ionic mechanisms underlying the genesis and control of cardiac rhythms. However, the fact that there is no unified or standard architecture for computational cell models, which were built by different research groups with specific purposes, obstructed profound applications of these models. In this study, object-oriented design patterns were employed to redesign and reconstitute the cell models and provided a more flexible, portable, and expansible infrastructure for modeling computational cell models. Meanwhile, using the proposed methods, a simulation platform has been developed for electrical activities of cell models with aims to offer a user-friendly interface to study the electrical activities of cardiac cells. Both the proposed design methods and the developed system were validated effectively by testing several typical cell models.

【刊名】Computer and Information Science