Small watercraft hull and engine arrangement

作者:Toshiyuk Hattor 刊名: 上传者:董建琦

【摘要】A small watercraft hull defines a vertically oriented, central longitudinal plane of the watercraft. The hull has an engine compartment with an internal combustion engine disposed therein. The engine has an engine body comprising a crankcase, a cylinder block and a cylinder head and includes at least one cylinder bore defining a cylinder axis. An air induction system is provided to guide air into a combustion chamber of the engine. The air induction system includes a plenum chamber. An exhaust system is also provided for guiding exhaust gases from the combustion chamber to the atmosphere. The exhaust system includes an exhaust conduit. The cylinder axis is canted with respect to the central plane and the exhaust conduit is disposed substantially on a side of the central plane to which the cylinder axis is canted. The plenum chamber is positioned on a side of the central plane opposite the exhaust conduit and extends substantially vertically from a position proximate the crankcase to a position proximate the cylinder head.