Computation method of geometry die of stretch forming press

作者:Bormotin, Konstantin;Aung, Win;Bratan, S.;Gorbatyuk, S.;Leonov, S.;Roshchupkin, S. 刊名:MATEC Web of Conferences 上传者:武秋娟



MATEC Web of Conferences 224, 04014 (2018) ICMTMTE 2018 Computation method of geometry die of stretch forming press Konstantin Bormotin1,*,and Win Aung1 1 Komsomolsk-na-Amure State University, 681013, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia Abstract. Mathematical models and numerical methods for solving inverse problems of shell forming by means of stretching on a die have been developed. The algorithms implemented in MSC.Marc allow to calculate the required punch shape. The results of simulation of the stretching technology are presented. 1 Introduction At present, the aircraft industry enterprises are equipped with stretch-wrap forming equipment with numerical program control, which has wide technological capabilities. The control program of the stretching-wrap press carries out a "wrapping" of the sheet workpiece of the stretching die under differentiated tension due to the movement of the clamping devices. The stretching process is a forming operation of sheet punching. The main thing in the forming process is a provide obtain a geometric shape of the shell. When wrapping with stretching, the defomation of the sheet preform at each moment of time is localized in a narrow region along the boundary of contact with the surface of the punch. This leads to local thinning of the sheet, loss of stability (folding). Methods are developed for stretching shells of complex shapes, with a smaller probability of localiz